We understand that your challenges in orcharding are unique. That's why eOrchard comes in 4 versions, each tailored to manage orchards of different sizes:

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  • Fruit calendar with decision support automation capabilities for individual producers and small teams managing orchards.
  • Ideal starting point for precision agriculture in family-managed orchards.

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  • Fully equipped orchard management software with decision support automation capabilities for producers managing multiple orchard sites and teams.
  • Helps you plan work effortlessly, control costs and budgets, and reduce time with automatic administrative tasks processing.

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  • Manage worker teams, track machinery fleet and other assets, manage worker pay based on performance, and intelligently track and plan activities with real orchard data.
  • Ideal for organizations managing their own orchards up to 500+ hectares.


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  • Plan and manage jobs and employee teams across multiple orchard locations.
  • High-level insights into work situations, intelligent activity planning, performance tracking, and payroll calculation.
  • Automate field data collection by staff through mobile apps and intelligently schedule tasks.


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Orchard work calendar
Pest and irrigation forecasts
Online videocall support
orchard work diary print to PDF
GPS tracking
Support for weather, soil and plant sensors
Orchard scouting support
Web-based and Native Mobile Application
Compliance documentation generation
Work orders with Mobile App support
Cost and time usage analysis
Visualization of various records on Maps
Harvest/Picking Data Recording
Tree health, Ripeness and Seasonal analysis
Orchard Scouting data analysis
Work tracking for large teams
Machinnery and Asset management
Intelligent work planning
Intelligent team utilization planning
Support for Map data from external Services
Row- and Plant- level recording of data
Large-scale work progress and efficiency reporting
GPS-tracking data analytics and reporting
Contractor payments
Work efficiency analysis and reporting

eOrchard helps farms and organizations of various sizes manage orchard work with clarity and precision.

Orchard Inspection
Get to know your orchards better by researching, entering tasks to be completed, and turning them into planned work.

Intelligent Work Planning
Never miss a beat with intelligent work planning designed for orchard management in enterprises.

Work Tracking
Gain insights into the progress of work by tracking completed tasks for analysis, cost management, and invoicing.

Save time and motivate workers by calculating performance-based payroll.

Harvest Tracking
Efficiently manage seasonal workers by tracking manual harvest with precision and paying performance-based compensation.

Make informed orchard management decisions by reviewing a map of your orchards and intelligently conducting various types of spatial analysis.

Budget Overview
Keep costs under control by analyzing the expenses of managing your orchard and planning budgets.

Mobile data collection
Avoid manual data entry by collecting data directly from machines and using a smartphone app.

Pest and disease forecasts
Get accurate information on the best time to treat each of your orchards by connecting to weather stations or sensors and receiving precise information about the presence of diseases and pests.

Irrigation forecasts
Save on labor, energy, and time by receiving daily recommended irrigation information based on daily microclimate data and orchard specifics.

Precision viticulture data analytics
Transition to precision agriculture by analyzing data on microclimate, soil, and trees obtained through sensors, drones, machinery, etc., within the context of precision agriculture.

Equipment tracking
Track the location and behavior of your assets: monitor your equipment using GPS.

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