Orchard management software

Versatile, complete, and easy to use software for fruit producers.


Know more. Harvest better results.

eOrchard helps you understand your orchard, and orchard operations, better - to improve your bottom line.

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Know production costs

Keep track of your activities on the field and gain insight into costs.

Irrigate smarter

Keep the desired soil moisture and avoid water losses. Reduce your production costs.

Understand. Treat punctually.

Avoid the outbreaks of mildews, and reduce spraying by using objective information about mildews development.

Harvest smarter

With eOrchard's harvesting application, track harvesting of a large workforce automatically.

Plan and estimate smarter

Plan orchard work with the help of your past experience. Get things done on time and budget.

Easy to use and great value

eOrchard was developed to be as useful in the orchard as possible. No hassle, just relevant things.

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