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Versatile, complete, and easy to use software for nuts and fruit producers.

Smarter Orchard Management

eOrchard is an intuitive and user-friendly fruit farming software that helps you grow higher-quality fruits in a more sustainable way. Smartly manage your orchards and have more time for fruit-related work instead of paperwork.

We offer several packages based on the uniqueness of your orchard:

  • Track activities performed in your orchards
  • Receive support in irrigation decision-making and pest development based on orchard data
  • Automate the generation of tracking records and compliance with regulations

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  • Everything from the Lite version,
  • Plan work activities within a team
  • Optimize costs by gaining insight into orchard management expenses based on customizable parameters
  • Additional reporting features

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  • Everything from the Professional version,
  • Intelligent planning and management of work teams
  • Track seasonal workers' performance and calculate their payroll
  • Equipment and machinery tracking


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  • Everything from the Estate version,
  • High-level overview of work across multiple organizations
  • Intelligent planning and task management across multiple organizations
  • Field data collection by staff


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Enhance your marketing

Share product data from your orchards with your customers in an easy, standardized way.

Manage your business smarter

Track worker performance and plan your work. Easily estimate the time required for different tasks.

Predict disease occurrence

eOrchard helps you accurately determine the timing of spraying against various pests and diseases based on available meteorological data.

Irrigate for quality

Precise irrigation for growing fruit of desired quality. Get daily recommended irrigation time. Save water by avoiding water runoff.

Create documentation

Print data in standard documentation formats needed for reporting, such as prescribed field workbooks.

Track your fleet

Monitor your tractors and machinery with our leading GPS tracking system that is easily implementable in practice.

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What users say:

"The system helps us understand when to irrigate, in what quantity to irrigate, when to stop, as well as the evapotranspiratin with which we need to count. ... in one side of the orchard, there is a high phreatic water level, and it helps us understand the lack of necessity to irrigate there."
- Mr. Luis, 115 hectares of Pistachio orchard

Precise irrigation scheduling

eOrchard is used in orchards worldwide. It is used by growers managing orchards ranging from one hectare to owners of the largest orchards in certain countries, owning hundreds of hectares of orchards.

We are dedicated to sustainability. Our philosophy is to work closely with you, our growers and researchers, to provide you with the most powerful yet simplest tools.


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